Apple iOS 11 will support reading NFC tags for iPhone 7 and 8.

One of the leading smartphone manufacturers- Apple has publicly announced that their new iOS version – 11 will support reading of NFC tags, which means that this technology will be available on millions of new mobile devices.

NFC technology will become shortly a standard that is built in all new smartphones, same as Wi-Fi, camera and Bluetooth. This will definitely lead to improvement in the data exchange between people, who use smartphones.

Some of the most popular applications of this technology will be to deploy them in the marketing industry as well as to make digital labels for products and packaging, check information and access certain data with a built-in NFC chip.

According to last analysis, by the end of 2017, more than 250 million iPhone devices will use NFC technology.
This will be a big growth in the NFC devices market and in contactless business cards market, which will ease a lot the exchange of contact information between people. Rarely, there is such a huge leap in the technology market, but this is precisely because Apple has been selling its devices with a built-in NFC reader for more than a year, and the only thing they need now to make the technology usable is to update the software of their iOS.

According to the documentation, provided by Apple, their devices will support reading of NFC chip from type 1-5, which basically includes all type of chips, developed by today, including Mifare Ultralight, NXP Ntag and SLI chip series. All these information guarantees that your e- business contactless cards will not have a problem to exchange information with the latest iPhone devices. Concerning devices with older iOS version, we will print your card with QR Code with your contact info encoded in it, which can be scanned with the iPhone’s camera.

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