What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication technology slightly similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. NFC allows fast exchange of data between two devices, such as smartphone and NFC Tag. Usually, the NFC technology is used for transfer of data between devices. Also NFC technology is used for contactless payments by some providers.
The NFC technology is limited to working in very close distance (only a few centimeters between devices) making it more secure and protected from accidental or malicious reading and tracking of information.

How it works?

1. The device sends signal or request to NFC Tag.
2. NFC Tag activates.
3.Device receives data from the NFC Tag.

Which smartphones have NFC technology?

Almost every new midrange and high-end smartphones are equipped with NFC technology chip. However you can check this list if you are not sure whether your phone has it.

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